How Do Medical Alarms for Seniors Work?


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Medical alarms work by connecting seniors with call center operators and emergency services. They are a way for seniors to call for help if they are at home but unable to reach the telephone in an emergency. The alarm system consists of two parts: a base unit that plugs into mains power and a bracelet or pendant that the senior wears.

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In the event of an emergency, the senior presses the button on ihs bracelet or pendant. This activates the base unit, which connects the senior to an operator at a call center. The operator speaks to the senior and has the option of calling emergency services, or a family member. Some companies call emergency services if they receive an alert but are unable to speak with the senior.

Medical alarm systems are wireless, so they cannot be used if the senior is far from home. However, the range of the panic button can be extended up to 1500 feet from the base unit. If the senior is at home but in a different room from the base unit, the unit's sensitive microphone is still able to pick up any speech.

Alarm systems can be customized to an extent, for example for seniors who may struggle to push the button, or those who are hard of hearing.

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