What Is Meclizine 12.5 Milligrams Used to Treat?


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The most common uses of meclizine are to treat symptoms of motion sickness and vertigo, according to Drugs.com. Doctors prescribe meclizine to resolve or prevent the dizziness that both of these conditions can cause, as well as the nausea and vomiting that can result from motion sickness. It is available in 12.5-, 25-, 30- and 50-milligram doses.

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Meclizine, which is available under several brand names, including Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine Less Drowsy, Meclicot and Meni-D, is an antihistamine, notes Drugs.com. It works by reducing the effects of the body’s natural chemical histamine.

Doctors generally recommend patients who normally experience motion sickness take meclizine around an hour before traveling or participating in activities that cause them to experience motion sickness, reports Drugs.com. The usual adult dosage of the drug for this purpose is 25 to 50 milligrams once daily. For the treatment of vertigo, doctors often prescribe several doses of the drug per day, with the usual dose being 25 milligrams one to four times daily or 50 milligrams twice daily.

It may be unsafe for people with liver or kidney disease, glaucoma, asthma, or prostate or urination problems to take meclizine, notes Drugs.com. Some side effects associated with meclizine include cough, dizziness, fast heartbeat, hives and itching. Others include drowsiness, tightness in the chest, unusual weakness or tiredness, and skin rash.

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