What Does It Mean If Your Urine Is Cloudy and Smells Strongly of Ammonia?

Urine with a strong odor of ammonia can be an indication of infection or urinary stones, states WebMD. Cloudy urine with any type of foul-smelling odor can be due to urinary tract infection, according to MedicineNet. Dehydration can also cause a strong smell of ammonia and darker urine.

If a person experiences an abnormal appearance or odor of the urine without a known cause, such as a new medication or unusual food, that person should seek medical attention. Urinary tract infections and kidney stones require treatment to prevent more serious problems. The development of painful or frequent urination along with abdominal pain, fever, nausea or vomiting can signify a kidney infection, warns MedicineNet.

Urine normally does not have a strong odor and is fairly clear, explains WebMD. Sometimes, color changes are due to the effect of medications or vitamins and may not be an indication of a problem. Additionally, some foods, such as asparagus, can affect the odor of urine. An excessive need to urinate that is not due to increased fluid intake can indicate the presence of conditions like diabetes, a UTI or interstitial cystitis, a condition in which the bladder wall becomes inflamed and irritated. An overactive bladder or benign prostate enlargement can also cause frequent urination.