What Does It Mean When a Person Has a Sore in His or Her Nose That Won't Go Away?

If a person has a sore in his or her nose that will not go away, then that person should visit the doctor for a thorough examination and diagnosis; however, two common nose sores illnesses are impetigo and nasal polyps. Impetigo is a skin infection and leads to red sores that can be found in the mouth or the nose.

The sores from impetigo will appear outside, around or inside the nose and mouth area. The sores can also be present on other parts of the body. In addition to being red, they will break open with gooey fluid that will then become brown and crust over.

Impetigo can be seen in adults and children through sharing toys, clothing and towels or sheets. It is contagious. It forms from a staph or strep bacteria and is most likely to appear in people with existing skin problems, such as poison ivy, burns, cuts, insect bites or eczema.

Nasal polyps are sac growths that swell inside of the nose or in the sinuses and cause irritation. They can create sores and are not cancerous, but can stimulate new asthma, infections and allergies. Not all nasal polyps have sores so sores within the nose should not automatically be tied to nasal polyps.