What Does It Mean When You Have Period Cramps, but Your Period Doesn't Come?

According to Riverside Health System, abdominal cramps with no bleeding are a common symptom of early pregnancy. The cramping pains occur when the fertilized egg settles into the uterine lining, typically within 10 to 14 days following fertilization. WebMD explains that premenstrual syndrome can also cause menstrual cramping without bleeding.

Additional premenstrual symptoms include headaches, breast tenderness, mood swings and food cravings.

The Mayo Clinic explains that fibroid tumors, benign growths that develop in the uterus, can cause cramping and pain in the pelvic area. While the condition is usually considered harmless, it is important for women with chronic pelvic pain that is accompanied by bloating, spotting or urinary difficulty to consult with a physician to ensure prompt diagnosis and proper treatment.