What Does It Mean When the Left Side of Your Face and Head Hurt?

Pain in the head and face may be related to either a cluster or sinus headache. Although migraine headaches can be severe, cluster headaches are considered much worse, according to Cleveland Clinic. Another cause for face and head pain is temporomandibular joint disorder.

A cluster headache is a type of sudden headache that affects only one side of the head. The pain radiates from the temple area to the neck and may also be situated in the eye area, causing the affected eye to swell or be teary. The term cluster refers to the fact that this headache can occur multiple times in one day, and the condition can last from weeks to months in certain patients, states Cleveland Clinic. The exact cause for this condition is unknown.

A sinus headache can also lead to pain in these areas, but it feels more like a dull throb, states the University of Maryland Medical Center. This headache is related to sinus issues, such as congestion due to sinusitis. Symptoms include inflammation of the nasal passages, eye pain and nasal discharge.

Temporomandibular joint disorder also causes facial pain and a headache on the affected side. The affected joint links the jaw to the skull's temporal bone. This condition may be caused by stress, injury or arthritis, notes WebMD. The pain can be felt near the ear, jaw joint, face and neck. Other symptoms are inflammation on the affected side of the face and a clicking sound.