What Does It Mean When Your Left Arm Itches, Tingles and Is Numb From the Elbow to the Hand?

The symptoms of tingling, numbness and itchiness that extend from the elbow to the hand may be attributed to cubital tunnel syndrome. This condition occurs as the result of pressure on the ulnar nerve found near the elbow. Cubital tunnel syndrome is also referred to as ulnar neuropathy, states WebMD.

The ulnar nerve travels from the shoulder to the hand. When there is pressure on this nerve near the elbow region, it can cause the mentioned symptoms and others that can develop with time, such as hand grip weakness and atrophy of the hand, states WebMD. The condition may also cause pain that can extend from the forearm down to the little finger on an affected arm, notes the American Society for Surgery of the Hand.

Some causes for pressure on the ulnar nerve can be an injury like a tear, placing pressure on the elbow while doing different activities or keeping the elbow bent for an extended period of time. Treatment of cubital syndrome can depend on the specific cause. When the problem is due to activities that place stress on the nerve, treatment can involve avoiding the activity or using a splint. For pain symptoms, medication may be prescribed. If symptoms persist or the condition is the result of damage to the ulnar nerve, surgery may be possible.