What Does It Mean If You Have High Blood Pressure in the Morning?


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High blood pressure first thing in the morning is a possible sign of one of a number of health problems, according to Mayo Clinic. Normally, blood pressure begins to climb a couple of hours before waking and keeps rising throughout the day before dropping in the evening.

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People who have blood pressure spikes early in the day potentially suffer from any of several different conditions. These include troubles with the nervous system or thyroid, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease or blood pressure that is out of control. Some risk factors for these spikes include working the night shift, use of tobacco, excess stress, anxiety or taking medicines for blood pressure that last fewer than 24 hours, as stated by Mayo Clinic.

To determine the underlying cause, a physician often suggests monitoring blood pressure for 24 hours. A device measures blood pressure at different points in time throughout a 24-hour period to create a profile of the ways in which the numbers fluctuate, notes Mayo Clinic.

Left untreated high blood pressure can eventually lead to such problems as kidney damage, stroke or damage to the coronary arteries and the rest of the heart, notes American Heart Association. Understanding the reason for early-morning high blood pressure is helpful for maintaining long-term health.

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