What Does It Mean When Your Eye Jumps?

Although it is common for eyes to jump or twitch occasionally, it can have different causes, including dry eyes, stress, allergies, eye strain and nutritional deficiencies. The medical term for this problem is eye myokymia, which is involuntary eyelid twitching.

This eye condition can involve the eyelids. When eyelid twitching or spasms occur frequently or for long periods of time, it can be that a person is tired, stressed, or it could also indicate medical problems that a doctor must properly diagnose and treat. For example, blepharitis and the neurological condition called blepharospasm can cause eyes to jump. Other causes of eye twitching can be caffeine or alcohol use. The treatment options are dependent on the specific cause for the eye problem. One treatment option is Botox injections for eye spasms that are persistent.