What Does It Mean When You Experience Uterus Fluttering?

An experience of fluttering in the uterus indicates that the baby in the womb is beginning to move about. The fluttering feelings are the first fetal movements felt, and it is referred to as quickening, according to Baby Centre.

Uterus fluttering typically occurs in pregnant women between 18 to 20 weeks of pregnancy. A baby’s first movements in the womb feel like little flutters or gas bubbles, particularly for first-time moms. It also feel like gentle taps inside the woman’s stomach or like a butterfly flying around in the uterus, according to Baby Centre.

A few second-time moms may experience uterus fluttering as early as 14 weeks of pregnancy. Some experience it at 16 weeks of pregnancy, but first-time moms normally experience these sensations later, according to Baby Centre.

First-time moms typically take longer time to figure out those fluttering movements of their baby. Second-time moms, on the other hand, tend to recognize the signs more easily and earlier, says Baby Centre.

Expectant mothers are always highly thrilled to feel those initial fluttering movements of their baby. Visit the midwife or obstetrician for thorough checks and ultrasound scanning if no movement is felt by 24 weeks, as advised by Baby Centre.