What Does It Mean When You Eat and Sleep a Lot As a Girl?

A girl who eats and sleeps often may be suffering from anxiety, depression or both, according to WebMD. These mental illnesses can have distressing effects on a girl's daily routine, which is why it is critical to treat them in a timely manner.

With several stress factors prevalent in modern society, it is quite common for girls to experience a certain degree of anxiety, depression or both conditions. These mental illnesses can cause a chain reaction of undesired symptoms. Depression can lead to excess worrying and a feeling of impending doom, explains WebMD. In this state of mind, a girl may tend to isolate herself and find security in unhealthy habits such as binge eating and excess sleeping.

As mentioned earlier, a chain reaction of symptoms is associated with anxiety and depression. If a girl chooses to eat more than normal, she may develop a more sluggish routine. When a person is suffering from anxiety or depression, hormonal changes occur throughout the body, according to the National Eating Disorder Information Centre. These changes can lead to an increased appetite and an overall desire to rest more often. Therefore, it is important to recognize these habitual changes and address them accordingly.