What Does It Mean When You Have a Constant Need to Urinate?


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Some of the possible implications of having a constant need to urinate include harmless enlargement of the prostate gland, kidney stones and inconsistent relaxation or contraction of the urinary bladder, according to Healthline. A frequent need to urinate can also result from bladder cancer, congestive heart failure and urinary tract infections, which are usually caused by bacteria, as described by MedicineNet.com.

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Consuming certain drugs or beverages that increase production of urine can also result in a frequent need to urinate. Some cancer medications also cause patients to experience a frequent urge to urinate, as indicated by Mayo Clinic. Other causes of a frequent need to urinate include irritation or injury of the urinary bladder, medications used to treat high blood pressure, diuretics, prostatics, and vaginitis.

Having the frequent urge to urinate can also indicate interstitial cystitis, and the cause of this condition is unknown. It leads to pain in the urinary bladder accompanied by frequent urination, according to WebMD. Stroke and other neurological diseases that damage the nerves that innervate the urinary bladder also cause a constant need to urinate.

Other conditions that cause constant urination include a fallen or prolapsed urinary bladder, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and congestive heart failure, according to MedicineNet.com.

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