What Does It Mean to Have a Burning Pain in Your Foot?


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There are a number of causes of burning feet including neuropathy, inflammation, infection, peripheral artery disease and poor absorption of B vitamins, explains WebMD. Most people with burning feet have causes that are identifiable.

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For those who have burning feet that have an identifiable cause, such as diabetes, the diagnosis is straightforward and there is no need for other tests, claims WebMD. If the burning sensation in the feet comes on suddenly, if it gets worse quickly, or if there is no apparent cause, a doctor may ask for more tests.

An electromyography is one such test, and it tests muscle function by looking at recordings of the electrical activity in the muscles, states WebMD. This probe is either put onto the skin or a needle is put into the muscle. Another test is a nerve conduction study, and the test looks at the way the nerve transmits impulses when stimulated. In some cases, laboratory tests are necessary. These tests look at urine, blood or spinal fluid to help diagnose why a person's feet burn. It's also possible to check vitamin levels with a blood test to diagnose burning feet.

In rare situations, a doctor may suggest cutting out a piece of nerve, according to WebMD. The doctor then examines the tissue under a microscope to determine the cause of burning feet.

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