What Does It Mean When You Have an Aching Pain in Your Left Hand?

Typical causes of hand pain include injury, trauma, repetitive use and arthritis, according to Healthgrades. Carpal tunnel syndrome and tenosynovitis result from repetitive use of the hand, such as frequently typing on a keyboard for long periods. Severe causes include peripheral neuropathy and diabetes.

Hand pain refers to an aching or throbbing sensation, and it involves an uncomfortable feeling in the joints or tissues of the fingers or hand, explains Healthgrades. A sore, stiff, tingling or warm hand also describes hand pain. Some individuals experience a burning or prickling sensation called paresthesias, which is typically caused by short-term or permanent nerve pressure or impairment. Nerves are responsible for controlling the hand’s movement and sensation.

Various diseases and conditions cause the hand joints, which are the parts of the hands where bones meet, to get injured, irritated and painful, states Healthgrades. A boxer’s fracture is a type of trauma that causes hand pain. Fractures and infections are serious causes of hand pain that require medical care.

Individuals should consult a health care professional if they experience persistent hand pain with no apparent causes, notes Healthgrades. Extreme hand pain, exposure of the hands to freezing temperatures, loss of sensation or color, continuous bleeding or a deformity also need prompt medical attention. Other critical symptoms include red marks on the arm, unusual warmth of the hand, fever and hand swelling.