What Are Some Meals in a Vegan Diet?


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Some meals a vegan might eat are green apple oatmeal for breakfast, white bean hummus and soup for lunch and chickpea ratatouille with brown rice for dinner. A vegan can also have cereal with soy or almond milk for breakfast, bean chili for lunch and polenta and vegetables for dinner.

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What Are Some Meals in a Vegan Diet?
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Some more vegan meals include an apple bran muffin for breakfast, a TLT that uses tofu to replace bacon in a classic BLT, and sweet potato lentil chili for dinner. Smoothies are also excellent ways to pack a lot of fruits and vegetables into a meal, and recipes can include anything that a vegan has on hand mixed with almond, hemp or soy milk. A good smoothie recipe is the Mango Sassy that uses mango chunks, non-dairy milk, ice cubes, lime juice and agave nectar for sweetening.

Doctors state that eliminating red meat from the diet reduces the risk of heart disease. A diet that is free of animal products can also help prevent diabetes and lower triglycerides, glucose levels, blood pressure and body mass index. While there are many benefits to adhering to a vegan diet, vegans must make sure they get enough vitamin B12, zinc and iron, which are all found in animal food products. A lack of B12 can lead to anemia, blindness, muscle weakness and numbness.

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