How Do You Find a Meal Plan for Dialysis Patients?

Find meal plans for dialysis patients through the DaVita HealthCare and National Kidney Foundation websites, both of which provide recipes. The National Kidney Foundation provides the dietary guidelines for those on dialysis, sample meals and emergency meal plans. DaVita provides budget meal plans, recipes and meal-planning tools.

A sample meal plan for dialysis patients could include a mixed-berry protein smoothie for breakfast, tuna salad bagel for lunch, tortilla wrap for a snack, slow cooker whole chicken for dinner and very berry galatte for dessert, suggests DaVita. These meals have kidney-friendly foods with low amounts of potassium, phosphorus and sodium. A dialysis recipe for stuffed strawberries directs the cook to beat together 1/2 cup of strawberry-flavored cream cheese and 3 tablespoons of reduced-fat sour cream and pipe the mixture into 24 cut strawberries.

The National Kidney Foundation provides a sample meal plan for dialysis patients that starts with eggs, toasted white bread, cranberry juice and coffee for breakfast; coleslaw, low-sodium pretzels, peaches, ginger ale and a tuna salad sandwich for lunch; and a hamburger with salad and lemonade for dinner. Dialysis patients need to avoid starchy foods, including potatoes and parsnips, cooked spinach, oranges and bananas, advises the National Kidney Foundation. Dairy products need to be limited to those low in phosphorus. Dialysis patients need to eat more high protein foods to help maintain blood protein.