What Are Some Meal Ideas After Bariatric Surgery?


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One-fourth cup of hot cereal with nonfat milk for breakfast and 1/2 cup of low-fat chicken noodle soup for lunch are good meal ideas for two weeks after bariatric surgery, suggests the University of California San Francisco Medical Center. Two ounces of lean ground meat for dinner are also advisable.

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After gastric bypass surgery, patients start a clear liquid diet that consists of broth, gelatin and juices, states the UCSF Medical Center. Doctors recommend slowly adding thicker liquids into the diet while recovering at home. Two weeks post-surgery, patients may consume blended and pureed foods and liquid supplements rich in protein and low in calories.

Nonfat yogurt without sugar, pudding free of sugar, lactose-free beverages and nonfat or 1 percent milk are advisable thicker liquids during the first two weeks post-surgery, explains the UCSF Medical Center. Hot cereals, properly cooked and pureed vegetables, cottage cheese, yogurt and applesauce are several soft foods to eat two to four weeks after surgery.

Portion control is key to recovering properly and avoiding nausea and pain, notes the UCSF Medical Center. Patients should add 1 tablespoon of each food item and gradually increase the portion size to 2 tablespoons. For liquids, doctors recommend consuming 1/4 cup at a time and slowly increasing it to 1/2 cup. Patients must not consume more than 400 calories per day.

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