What Is the Mayo Clinic Diet?


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The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight loss plan that takes a balanced approach to achieving better health by combining healthy foods with sensible exercising. The diet was developed by the Mayo Clinic as a means to help people make better food choices and discover the benefits of remaining active.

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The Mayo Clinic Diet takes a holistic approach that focuses more on long-term healthy living than on short-term weight loss. The plan is based around the clinic's Healthy Weight Pyramid that emphasizes creating a balance between eating healthy and physical fitness. The first part of the diet is called Lose It! During this two-week phase, dieters are given guidance on five healthy habits to add to everyday life and five habits to discard. By following the suggested low-calorie eating plan and doing 30 minutes of exercise several times a week, it is possible to lose between six to 10 pounds within the initial two-week period.

The second part of the diet is called Live It! This is where the dieter is given direction on making permanent lifestyle changes that lead to better health and vitality. Participants learn about portion sizes, additional food choices, setting weight loss goals and incorporating healthy habits into daily life.

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