What Is the Maximum Daily Dosage for DayQuil LiquiCaps?


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The maximum daily dosage for DayQuil Cold & Flu LiquiCaps is four doses every 24 hours, notes Vicks. For people over the age of 12, the recommended dose is two LiquiCaps every four hours. For children 4 through 12 years old, parents must ask a doctor for the proper dose.

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Children under the age of 4 should never take DayQuil LiquiCaps, notes Vicks. In the case of an overdose, consumers must contact a poison control center, states WebMD. Some of the symptoms of overdose include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and sweating. Some other symptoms of overdose include hallucinations and seizures.

The active ingredients in DayQuil LiquiCaps include acetaminophen for pain relief, dextromethorphan for cough suppression and phenylephrine for nasal decongestion, states Vicks.

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