What Is the Matula Herbal Formula Made Of?

Matula Herbal Formula tea is composed of the stems, leaves and flowers of six different families of herbs, according to the manufacturer. The herb families listed are Oleaceae, Asteraceae, Alliaceae, Fabaceae and Myrtaceae. The formula is free of gluten, corn, soy, caffeine and corn. It also does not contain any sugar, colorings or preservatives.

The ingredients listed refer not to specific species of herbs but to the larger plant families. The species used are not listed on the manufacturer's website. The family Asteraceae, for example, is commonly known as the Aster family, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. This family includes such plants as chamomile, sagebrush and marigold. The Myrtaceae family includes plants like the bottlebrush and the gum eucalyptus.

The Alliaceae, or onion, family includes onions, leeks, garlic and chives and is made up of bulbous herbs, according to Northern Arizona University. The Fabaceae family includes over 10,000 species of flowering herbs, trees and shrubs, some of which are the alfalfa plant and several species of jade vines and coral trees, states the University of Hawaii. Approximately 600 species of trees and shrubs make up the Oleaceae family. Some of the species include primrose jasmine, star jasmine and Oregon ash.