How Do You Match Symptoms to Diseases?


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Several tools exist that allow you to match symptoms to diseases, including ones from WebMD, MedicineNet.com and Healthline. These tools are designed for informational purposes only, and a licensed physician must be the person to give you a proper diagnosis and treatment, states WebMD.

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To use the WebMD symptom checker, enter the gender and age of the person with the symptoms. This takes you to a page where you can input certain skin symptoms or choose from general symptoms, such as anxiety, binge eating, muscle stiffness and shaking. After you input enough symptoms, possible conditions begin to appear.

The symptom checker on MedicineNet.com works using the same design as WebMD. A symptom is subjective evidence of a disease, and a sign is objective evidence, such as a rash, states MedicineNet.com.

Healthline allows you to enter a specific symptom in a search field or open up a box with specific symptoms already listed. After choosing a symptom, the website takes you to a page that gives a brief overview of the symptom and a list of possible conditions associated with it. You can also explore possible treatment options, such seeing a licensed physician or seeking the help of alternative medicine, states Healthline.

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