How Do You Massage for Sinus Drainage?


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The basic massage technique to drain the sinuses begins with relieving the frontal sinuses by applying moderate pressure with thumbs to the middle of the forehead and moving the thumbs laterally toward the ears, according to chiropractor Dr. Bill Lawler. Repeat this step two to three times if mucus is felt underneath the skin.

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To further drain the sinuses, relieve the maxillary sinuses by pressing thumbs to either side of the middle of the nose and again move them toward the ears. Finally, press thumbs behind the jaw and in front of the major neck muscles and apply pressure while moving the thumbs toward the collar bone. Additionally, it is recommended that people who suffer from sinus pain avoid dairy and increase their vitamin C intake, notes Dr. Lawler.

Further relief may be achieved by using a vaporizer or inhaling steam from boiling water removed from heat or by spraying saline solution into the nose. For more extreme cases, decongestants may be used; however, using them for more than the recommended four to five days may increase congestion, explains WebMD. Sinus pain is caused when the tissue that lines the sinuses becomes swelled. Sinuses normally contain air, but when they fill with fluid, bacteria can grow which may cause an infection. Sinusitis is caused by anything from the common cold to a deviated septum.

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