How Do You Massage the Gluteus Maximus Muscle?

A few ways to massage the gluteus maximus muscle include using the forearm for broad strokes, the elbow for depth and the hands to knead the muscles in the buttocks and hips, according to Linda Fehrs, LMT, of the Institute for Integrative Healthcare. Massaging the glute muscles can relieve lower back pain, reduce stress in the area and strengthen these muscles.

Problems with the gluteus maximus can lead to pain far from the muscle itself. Hannington Massage illustrates techniques that alleviate the trigger points of these muscles and bring relief to the affected areas. These trigger points are found along three points in the pelvis, according to Fehrs. One point is just below the iliac crest, another is between the anterior and posterior superior iliac spine, or ASIS, and the third is found behind the ASIS and below the iliac crest. Pain can travel from these trigger points up to the lower back, which is why massaging these points can be crucial to pain relief.

There are three gluteus muscles in the buttocks, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and gluteus medius. These muscles are responsible for a range of human motions, such as sitting, standing, walking and twisting. Fehrs reveals the glutes also keep the human body from falling over.