Why Do Married Men Cheat With Other Men?

married-men-cheat-other-men Credit: Niko Guido/E+/Getty Images

Married men cheat with other men because they are secretly gay and do not feel emotionally or physically satisfied in sexual relationships with women. Married men may also have same-sex affairs due to father issues or childhood sexual abuse.

Married men who have sexual relationships with other men outside their marriages often find it difficult to share their sexual identity with their spouses or others in society, according to Dr. Loren A. Olson, Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychological Association. It is also possible for a heterosexual married man to unexpectedly fall in love with another man, as claimed by Dr. Olson. In fact, some men do not realize they are gay until adulthood when they find themselves developing an interest in men.

About 7 percent of men have sex with other men, but only 4 percent of the population is estimated as being gay men, according to the Center for Disease Control. Thus, a number of men who consider themselves as straight have sexual relationships with men. In fact, straight men who have sex with other men are more likely to be married than straight men who engage in sex exclusively with women, as stated by WebMd.

Father hunger is another reason why men, including those who are married and straight, have sex with men, as claimed by Dr. Joe Kort, a psychotherapist, certified sex therapist and relationship therapist. Because of an unfulfilled craving for attention and affection from their fathers, some men turn to other men to satisfy this desire. Men may also seek sex with other men as a result of being sexually abused by a man during childhood. This is phenomenon is known as homosexual imprinting, according to Dr. Kort.