What Are Some Marathon Training Tips?


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Training for a marathon requires advance preparation. Begin preparing at least 18 weeks in advance of the marathon by establishing a running schedule that simulates marathon conditions. Alternate easy and hard days to allow time for the body to recuperate. Practice warm-up and cool-down routines before and after every practice run, and rest your body as needed if strains or injuries occur.

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What Are Some Marathon Training Tips?
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Only experienced runners should attempt a marathon. Marathon running places a great deal of stress on the body, and lack of preparation can lead to injury. Choice of a running surface for practice should be taken into consideration. Hard surfaces are more likely to place additional strain on the body.

Using old running shoes can increase the chance of injury. Running shoes last approximately 500 miles and should be replaced as needed. Practice in the same clothing and shoes that are to be worn on the day of the marathon.

Running a marathon requires energy. It is important to replace this lost energy as you practice and on the day of the run. Determine the snacks that work best for your body during training. Make sure the body is well-hydrated by drinking water or a sports drink while running. Adjust your fluid intake as needed for optimum performance.

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