How Many Times a Day Do People Brush Their Teeth?

many-times-day-people-brush-teeth Credit: Egor Emmerich/Image Source/Getty Images

Based on the data presented by Statistic Brain, the number of times people brush their teeth varies. The percentage of men and women who brush their teeth twice a day are 49 percent and 56.8 percent respectively. These figures are from the American Dental Association in 2010.

According to Mayo Clinic, the American Dental Association recommends brushing the teeth at least two times a day. An article in WebMD mentions that it is best to do it three times a day. The article also specifies that toothbrushing should take at least two to three minutes to clean all surfaces thoroughly. Brushing the teeth also helps the heart. Toothbrushing can help prevent chronic gum infection and inflammation, which have been linked to a higher heart disease risk.