How Many Squats Should I Do a Day?

many-squats-should-day Credit: Mike Powell/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The best total number of squats per day depends on a person's physical condition and whether or not weights and equipment are used. The maximum amount of squats recommended by Muscular Development Magazine per day is 5 to 10 sets of 8 to 12 squats per set, twice per week.

Squats should not be done daily; the legs need to recover before training them again. Two workouts per week with rest days in between develops strength and endurance without overtraining and risking injury. Beginners can learn proper form without using weights or using handheld dumbbells. When performing squats with a barbell, proper equipment such as squat racks and collars on the barbell are important for safety. Also, the help of a spotter aids in avoiding injury.