How Many Push-Ups Should Someone Do Daily to Get Muscle Definition?

many-push-ups-should-someone-daily-muscle-definition Credit: IvanJekic/E+/Getty Images

To get defined muscles, do a push-up workout every other day, allowing time for the muscles to repair themselves and grow stronger. A great push-up workout employs at least three types of push-ups to ensure that the arms, pectoral muscles and front shoulders are getting exercised from every angle.

Using a workout employing a regular push-up, along with diamond push-ups and wide grip push-ups will yield great muscle definition and mass, according to, a website authored by a fitness instructor.

Make sure the arms are stretched to avoid injuries and unnecessary strain. Alternate between the different push-up styles, doing a set of one type, resting for a few 10 seconds and then switching to another push-up style.

Tailor the amount of repetitions in the sets to individual strength level. A good number to start with is three repetitions per set. Continuing doing sets until the muscles feel exhausted and pumped with blood.

A post-workout meal or shake should be eaten immediately after exercise to give the damaged muscles the integral nutrients necessary for gains, like protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and sugar.