How Many FDA-Approved Beta Blockers Are Available by Prescription?


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As of March 2015, there are three United States Food and Drug Administration-approved beta blockers for heart failure which include Zebeta, Toprol-XL and Coreg, according to WebMD. Beta blockers should always be taken with food and should not be used by patients experiencing low blood pressure because they can cause a patient to experience dizziness and lightheadedness.

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How Many FDA-Approved Beta Blockers Are Available by Prescription?
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Beta blockers are a crucial way to help the relax, and it helps decrease the amount of harmful bacteria that the body produces, as noted by Cleveland Clinic. Patients with systolic heart failure are commonly prescribed beta blockers because the muscles in their heart are unable to forcefullycontract.

There are numerous side effects associated with taking beta blockers and they include dizziness, sudden weight gain, diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue, cold hands and feet, wheezing and difficulty breathing. Taking beta blockers with food may help decrease the symptoms that occur because food delays how fast the beta blocker work.

It is common for patients to experience worse symptoms associated with their heart failure when they first begin to take beta blockers. This is normal and occurs because the heart needs time to properly adjust to the new medication, notes WebMD. It is important for patients to consult a primary care physician if they gain more than 5 lbs., have difficulty breathing and experience an increase in swelling or congestion.

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