How Many Crunches Should Someone Do Each Day to Get Stronger Abs?

There is no set amount of crunches someone should do each day to get stronger abs. Instead, beginners should focus on doing a single set of enough crunches to feel the burn.

As everyone exercises at different levels, there is no set amount of crunches to do each day to get abs. Doing a single set of enough to feel the burn, followed by three more sets, is one way to take a customized approach. As people work their abs all the time, it is a good idea to dedicate just one day a week to focusing on them, then give them time to rest. In addition to doing crunches, it is necessary to try exercises that engage all of the abdominal muscles and obliques.

There are some lifestyle changes people can implement to improve their abs:

  • Someone who wants to immediately improve the appearance of their abs should avoid slouching. While slouching causes the stomach to pooch, standing straight gives it more definition.
  • Rather than just focusing on working the abdominal muscles, exercisers should aim to work all of their core muscles. This gives better overall definition.
  • People who want firm abs should focus on reducing their abdominal fat too. While working the abs builds muscle, this is not obvious when there is a lot of fat there. This means exercisers should eat a healthy diet and engage in cardiovascular exercise, as advised by WebMD.