Are There Many Complications With Dental Implants?


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There is very little discomfort involved when undergoing treatment for dental implants, according to WebMD. Most patients find the procedure, performed under local anesthesia, less painful than a tooth extraction, and treat the mild soreness that may result with over-the-counter pain relievers. Success rates are approximately 98 percent.

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Individuals healthy enough to undergo a routine dental extraction or oral surgery, with healthy gums and enough bone to hold the implant, are good candidates for the procedure, states WebMD. They should also be committed to good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. After a personalized treatment plan is developed, a small post made of titanium, known as the tooth root implant, is placed into the missing tooth’s bone socket. Over the following six to 12 weeks, the jawbone heals and grows around the metal post, anchoring it into the jaw. The implant bonds to the jawbone, and a small connector post, known as an abutment, is attached to the post, securing the new tooth in place. A replacement tooth, or crown, is attached to the abutment.

The color of the new teeth is matched to the patient’s natural teeth, and because the implant is secured within the jawbone, the replacement teeth feel and function just like natural teeth, explains WebMD. With proper care, implants can last a lifetime.

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