How Many Carbohydrates Should Diabetics Eat Per Meal?


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The recommended carbohydrate intake for diabetics is 45 to 60 grams per meal, although the exact amount depends on how they manage their diabetes, the medicines they take, and how active they are, states the American Diabetes Association. Foods containing carbohydrates include grains, grain-based foods, dried beans and starchy vegetables.

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How Many Carbohydrates Should Diabetics Eat Per Meal?
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Maintaining an optimum carbohydrate intake is important to diabetics because high amounts overwhelm their bodies' poor glucose production, states Healthline. Since their bodies cannot produce enough insulin to absorb the glucose in the food, it leads to further complications such as hyperglycemia, blindness, strokes and heart attacks. Diabetic-friendly diets limit carbohydrate intake as well as have a high amount of soluble fibers such as legumes, low saturated fats and low sodium.

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