How Many Calories Does a Workout of 60 Minutes of the "Zumba Cardio Party" DVD and 20 Minutes of the "Zumba Live! & Flat Abs" DVD Burn?


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A 150-pound adult who does a Zumba Cardio Party DVD workout for 60 minutes will burn approximately 500 calories. The same adult who does 20 minutes of the Zumba Live! & Flat Abs DVD workout will burn roughly 180 calories, according to CaloriesBurnedHQ.com.

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While an average 150-pound adult can burn as much as 680 calories while working out to Zumba Cardio Party DVD and Zumba Live! & Flat Abs DVD, the amount will vary depending on weight and metabolism. Zumba is an excellent form of exercise that is great for people who want to lose weight, get into shape and have more energy.

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