How Many Calories Does Trampolining Burn?


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The amount of calories burned while trampolining depends on the type of trampoline activity being done and the height, weight, sex and age of the person doing the jumping, according to FitDay. Younger people burn more calories than older people, and men typically burn more calories than women.

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A 35 year old, 65-pound woman jumping on a regular trampoline would burn 135 calories an hour, but jumping on a trampoline can mean anything from hopping up and down on a mini-indoor version to doing a full workout routine in a trampoline facility. Activities from dodge ball to karate while jumping on a trampoline can be offered at such a specialized facility, where some believe that a full work out can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour, according to Philly.com. Low-impact physical activities such as tumbling on a trampoline would burn considerably less.

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