How Many Calories Are in Sunflower Seeds?


The number of calories in sunflower seeds depends on how the seeds have been prepared and processed. The lowest number of calories are found in sunflower seeds that have been roasted and are still in their shells.

Other methods of preparation result in different calorie counts. For the purposes of comparison, the following values all relate to a 1-ounce serving:

  • Roasted and salted seeds in the shell - 87 calories
  • Roasted and unsalted seeds in the shell - 86 calories
  • Dried seed kernels (no shell) - 162 calories
  • Oil roasted seeds (no shell) with or without salt - 168 calories
  • Toasted seeds (no shell) with or without salt - 175 calories

Sunflower seeds are a source of many nutrients, including iron, calcium, vitamin E and polyunsaturated fats.