How Many Calories Are in a Serving of Carnation Instant Breakfast?


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Carnation Instant Breakfast, which had its name changed to Carnation Breakfast Essentials, contains between 220 and 250 calories in the Ready-to-Drink Bottle products. A single serving of the other products contains between 150 and 220 calories.

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Carnation Breakfast Essentials include drink mixes with and without added sugar. A serving of each of the sugar-added flavors, before adding a recommended cup of fat-free milk, contains 130 calories. The drink mixes without sugar contain 60 calories per serving. There are chocolate, vanilla and strawberry flavors. After adding a cup of fat-free milk, a serving of the regular mixes contain 220 calories, and the mixes without added sugar contain 150 calories.

Carnation Breakfast Essentials also includes a line of protein smoothies. Available in mixed berry and strawberry banana flavors, these each contain 190 calories per serving.

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