How Many Calories Does a Person Burn Doing Nothing?

many-calories-person-burn-doing-nothing Credit: CJ Rachford/Moment/Getty Images

The amount of calories burned while resting varies among individuals and can be calculated using different formulas for males and females. The number of calories burned while resting is called basal metabolic rate (BMR), and it measures the amount of energy you need from calories to maintain your basic body functions for a whole day.

The easiest way to calculate the basal metabolic rate is to multiply the person's body weight by 11. This will only give a rough estimate of the BMR, however. Using the following formulas will give a more accurate app roximation of the BMR.

For males

BMR=66+(6.23 x weight in pounds)+(12.7 x height in inches)-(6.8 x age in years)

For females

BMR=655+(4.35 x weight in pounds)+(4.7 x height in inches)-(4.7 x age in years)