How Many Calories Does P90x Burn?


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The number of calories burned using the P90X fitness program varies depending on which of the 12 routines you do. Other factors affecting how many calories are burned include the duration and intensity of the workout, as well as sex and weight.

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The Legs and Back routine burns a total of 534 calories, which is an average of 12.4 calories per minute. For men, the average is 14 calories per minute, or 600 calories for the session. The average calorie burn for women is 449, or 10.4 calories per minute. The Cardio X aerobic workout burns about 397 calories, or 12.0 calories per minute. Men doing this routine burn an average of 13.4 calories per minute (441 total calories), while women average 10.3 calories per minute (302 total calories). The other P90X routines yield various levels of calorie burning.

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