How Many Calories Do You Need on a Daily Basis to Be Healthy?


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To stay healthy, the daily caloric intake is dependent on factors, such as age, gender, physical activity and the body mass index (BMI). For males with a BMI of 22.5, are 18 years old and active, their daily average caloric intake should be between 2,800 to 3,200, as noted by WebMD. For an active 18-year-old female with a BMI of 21.5, the daily caloric intake is 2,400 calories.

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In order to be at a healthy weight, it is important that the caloric intake through diet balances the calories the body uses for its energy and daily activities levels. This is referred to as the caloric balance equation, notes the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To calculate caloric intake, the body mass index, which is a measurement related to body fat and is found using a person's height and weight, is necessary. To find the specific daily caloric intake, other information needed is age, gender and activity levels. Using this information, the daily caloric intake for any individual is found with a calorie calculator, such as the one provided by Mayo Clinic.

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