How Many Calories Are in Homemade Chili?

many-calories-homemade-chili Credit: jeffreyw/CC-BY-2.0

According to Calorie Count, a 9-ounce serving of homemade chili contains 215 calories. The amount of fat in the same serving size is 7 grams, which makes it a low-fat meal. The downside is that this average serving contains 741 mg of sodium, which is 33 percent of daily allowances. Chili also contains an appreciable amount of dietary fiber, protein, vitamin C and iron.

Chili is a popular food dish that features a basic combination of beans, tomatoes, onions, red chii peppers and spices. Beef, chicken or turkey is often added to enhance both texture and flavor. Chili is eaten with or without beans.

There are countless ways to enjoy chili. Several states have put their unique stamp on chili. Many of these regional chili recipes have gained widespread popularity. For instance, Texas chili and Cincinnati chili are made and enjoyed by many. Chili is so popular that each year cooks compete to win regional, national and international chili-cooking contests.

According to the International Chili Society, there is an ongoing debate about who created chili. Several states, including Texas, claim to be the birthplace of chili. Historical accounts reveal that the real origins of chili began when Aztecs, Incas and Mayan Indians blended meat, beans and herbs into a tasty meal.