How Many Calories Are in a Hamburger Patty?


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A 3.5-ounce all-beef hamburger patty has 204 calories, according to the National Nutrition Database maintained by the United States Department of Agriculture. There are 15.69 grams of fat in a hamburger patty.

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A hamburger patty contains 14.63 grams of protein and 64.72 grams of water. From the total of 15.69 grams of fat, 6.33 are saturated and 6.86 are monounsaturated. The remaining lipids consist of polyunsaturated fats and cholesterol.

WebMD notes that a moderately active man age 30 and older should have a calories intake of 2,400 to 2,600 calories, whereas a moderately active woman 30 and older should have an intake of 2,000 calories.

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