How Many Calories Are in a Chicken Wing?

One raw chicken wing with skin that weighs approximately 107 grams, has 204 calories according to the United States Department of Agriculture's Nutrient Database. This portion size also contains 18.75 grams of protein and 14.08 grams of fat. However, cooked wings can have a different calorie count depending on factors such as portion size, the method in which they are cooked and the added ingredients used in their preparation.

Two pieces of breaded and fried chicken wings that weigh 163 grams can have 494 calories. In this portion size, there are 266 calories from fats, states Self magazine. The number of calories can change due to factors such as cooking technique used, including baked, stewed or barbecued. Wings can be cooked with or without skin, be breaded or have barbecue sauce on them, among other dressings.