How Many Calories Can Be Burned When Hiking up the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver?

Climbing one's way to the top of the Grouse Grind summit burns 1,000 calories, according to All About Moose. The world-renowned Grouse Grind hiking trail is a favorite for many trainers and, for some, an exciting personal challenge to tread.

Light hiking boots are ideal to wear when training for the Grouse Grind climb, All About Moose suggests. The terrain is relatively flat with a lot of stairs. The trail is 2.9 kilometers long with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet or 853 meters. During hiking season, more than 100,000 people follow the trail in Grouse Grind. On the average, it takes 2 hours to hike, but the record time is 23 minutes.