How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Gazelle?

many-calories-burn-gazelle Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

The Gazelle Glider is an exercise machine that helps to, according to the product’s website, provide a superior cardio workout that burns fat and calories. The number of calories depends on the level of activity and a person’s weight. offers a free activity burn tool. A person can type in his weight and scroll down to the section for the Gazelle. It breaks down activities into light, moderate, very vigorous and vigorous categories. For example, a person who weighs 112 pounds and does light activity on the Gazelle can burn 214 calories in a 40-minute session of use. That same person can burn 499 calories at 40 minutes with very vigorous activities. A person who weighs 180 pounds would burn 802 calories in 40 minutes on the Gazelle at a very vigorous activity level.

When compared to other activities, such as hiking, biking and walking, done at moderate paces, a Gazelle workout burns about the same number of calories, if not more, in the same amount of time.

The Gazelle Glider website claims that the elliptical glider offers a low-impact workout that features six to 10 exercise variations in one session. Not only does the equipment provide good aerobic and resistance training, it also enables users to gain all the advantages that come from such activities as running, stretching, skiing, cross-country skiing and dancing.

Users of the Gazelle stand on secured foot plates and grasp an arm lever on the machine. The user's legs and arms move in a scissors-type motion back and forth. Some models in the Gazelle line-up come with controls that increase or decrease the resistance during a workout.