How Many Calories Do You Burn From Boxercise?

According to the Hiltingbury Community Centre, a person can burn between 400 and 600 calories during one hour-long session of Boxercise. However, the amount of calories a person will burn during Boxercise depends on how long the session lasts and the level of intensity.

The Guardian describes Boxercise as a type of exercise based on the training used by professional boxers. Boxercise can be done by people of any age and activity level. A Boxercise class may include skipping, press-ups, shadowboxing, and hitting pads.

The Hiltingbury Community Centre stresses that Boxercise is a strict, no contact form of exercise. The Boxercise official website confirms this by stating that during the class, the closest anyone ever comes to hitting is when participants hit hand-held focus pads.