How Many Calories Do 100 Jumping Jacks Burn?


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According to Just-Health.net, an average person can burn around 5 to 12 calories per minute doing jumping jacks. Today Health says it takes around two minutes to do 100 jumping jacks, which suggests that 100 jumping jacks burns around 10 to 24 calories.

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How Many Calories Do 100 Jumping Jacks Burn?
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According to Just-Health.net, the number of calories burned doing jumping jacks depends on the weight of the person, how quickly the jumping jacks are performed, and how intensely the jumping jacks are performed. Today Health estimates that 300 jumping jacks burns 60 calories. Angry Trainer Fitness says that 10 minutes of jumping jacks can burn 100 calories. At 100 jumping jacks per two minutes, that is around 20 calories per 100 jumping jacks, within the range estimated by Just-Health.net.

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