How Do You Find a Manufacturer's FDA Registration Number?


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As of 2015, find a drug establishment's registration numbers by inputting a company's name on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Drug Establishments Current Registration Site. Type in all or part of a firm's name to see results.

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For instance, a search for Merck shows 27 different entries on the FDA's search as of 2015. Each facility owned by this company has a facility establishment identifier that contains 10 digits. Each entry has a data universal numbering system number that is nine digits long. The database lists the address of each facility, and the date at which the facility's registration expires. At the bottom of the search, the FDA tells users the currency of the data. Download the information to an Excel file by clicking on Download Data.

Drug firms must register establishments that manufacture, process, compound, prepare and propagate drugs for sale in the United States, notes the FDA. This registration database includes facilities that produce drugs imported to the United States from outside of U.S. territory. Establishments and facilities must register with the FDA database within five days of starting operations. Firms that register between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 are considered to be current until the end of the next year.

Each establishment must also register each drug manufactured at each facility, according to the FDA. This information helps the U.S. government maintain a comprehensive catalog of all drugs commercially distributed in America.

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