How Do You Manage MS?


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Patients with multiple sclerosis can adjust their lifestyle and manage the condition better by joining a support group, seeking the help of a mental health care practitioner, speaking with a counselor or a therapist, or keeping a journal, according to WebMD. Getting enough rest, maintaining a healthy diet, finding ways to reduce stress and exercising regularly are other ways to manage multiple sclerosis.

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Multiple sclerosis, a chronic condition that affects the nervous system, can result in muscle weakness and pain, reports Everyday Health. To slow down the progression multiple sclerosis, many patients maintain a strict treatment plan and take medication that controls muscle spasms caused by the disease. Because about half of multiple sclerosis sufferers go through a form of cognitive impairment, patients often do regular brain games and puzzles. Taking a vitamin D supplement and reducing the amount of salt in a patient's diet can also address some aspects of the condition.

The majority of patients with multiple sclerosis experience fatigue, according to Healthline. A patient can beat fatigue by exercising often and keeping a regular fitness program. Making note of the time of day when a patient feels most energetic, and taking advantage of that window to do tasks that require more energy, is another effective way to manage the disease.

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