How Do You Manage Chemo Side Effects?


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To manage chemotherapy side effects, change your eating habits, seek alternative therapies, exercise regularly and avoid harsh hair products, recommends WebMD. Living a healthy lifestyle is important, as is managing sun exposure. Speak to a doctor for advice on managing chemotherapy side effects.

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Instead of eating three meals a day, people on chemotherapy may want to eat five or six smaller meals each day. Eating and drinking slowly can help with vomiting and nausea, states WebMD. It may help to drink liquids an hour before and after a meal. Recommended beverages include flat ginger ale, apple juice and tea. Avoid fried, fatty and strongly scented foods.

Acupuncture can relieve chemotherapy symptoms for some people. Deep breathing and meditation may also be beneficial, notes WebMD. Taking short naps during the day and exercising can help to reduce fatigue. Some people find that writing things down in a planner helps with the short-term mental fog associated with chemotherapy. Keeping the mind active can be helpful; some people do puzzles, attend lectures, take classes and do other activities that stimulate the brain.

To reduce the chance of hair loss, use gentle, natural hair products, and avoid using hard-bristle brushes. Shopping for a wig before the hair falls out is a good way to ensure a similar color match if desired. Avoid direct sunlight, and always wear appropriate protection from the sun, recommends WebMD.

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