What Does a Man Need for His First Visit to a Urologist?


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A man needs his insurance card, detailed information about any urinary or sexual symptoms that he is experiencing, and his medical history when visiting the urologist for the first time, according to Shenandoah Urologic Specialists. Some offices have the necessary paperwork available online or send it out through the mail to save time on the day of the examination. A full bladder may also be necessary, depending on the reason for the visit.

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Finding out what to expect at the first urologist visit reduces anxiety and makes the visit go more smoothly, explains HealthCentral. The patient should ask his doctor what tests to expect and about any special preparation that might be needed. Sometimes, it is necessary to complete a voiding diary chronicling urinary habits or a sexual health survey to document sexual problems before the visit. The patient also needs to bring a complete list of the medications he is taking.

Asking to give a urine sample right away provides relief for a patient with a full bladder, recommends HealthCentral. The actual physical exam involves a external exam of the genitalia and a digital rectal exam to check the prostate. After the exam is over, the doctor schedules other recommended tests and discusses treatment options.

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